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Hello and welcome again to the new and hopefully improved PCNET website.
With the registration of our new domain name and the support of all you my friends and other interested parties we had no alternative but to upgrade our systems.

Pcnet is currently being relaunched as of 1/1/2001.
Our very popular PYRAMID CASINO.who are in affiliation with Pcnet is now available to guests as well as members.
If you are intersested in my new Roulette betting system thats setting the web alight its available for free at GAMBLERS DEN.I thank you all for your support with pcnet over this regrouping period, we hope for to continue to keep all you upcoming euntrepenuers up to date on as much useful ops as we can find out there so here we are again making more enemies trying to keep on with our current small business opportunities and trials as they happen and keep you informed.

Lately I have become quite involved in the gambling industry and have found with proper percentage gambling one really can make it pay as long as you don't get tied up in the excitement and play or gamble to some sort of system.
As we progress with our site over the coming weeks we'll outline a few nice little gambling system or routines as some call them.
We will still be under construction for at least a week or so(Now up to date)!! And finished.
You can test drive the casino through the picture on the right for free with play money or join up and use real money there is a small downloadable program.

I have designed this site to help those of you who are like me and looking for easy ways to make money.On my site you won't find stupid pyramid and mlm scam my business opportunities though unusual are mostly free and different from most other sites on the web.I don't offer 9-5 jobs just easy ways to make money mostly that have proven over a period of time.
Over the past ten years I have been involed in quite a number of small business opportunities.
e.g.computer sales and service,tv and video sales and service,car sales,panelbeating,washing machine repair and service,stockbroking,horseracing industry,gambling systems,numerous internet schemes and pyramid scams and the list goes on and on.
I even still have a number of computers left from my business if your looking for a cheap but good computer CLICK HERE

I've tried them all!!

I've fiddled a lot in small money making ventures,not always internet involved I couldn't guess the amount of money and finance ive undertaken trying to find a business solution suitable to my expertise and funds I'm the type that will try anything to make an easy dollar or two however I've had some success recently in a couple that I feel obliged to share with anybody who might interested.
I'm not doing this for any charge but simply have exhausted myself and virtually wasted the better part of my life in this search.I set my sights at the type that is either free of setup costs or nominal and Im not afraid to spend a few bucks to try out anything.(Those of you who have been with us for a while will have heard all this)
Please excuse any mistakes or misreferances as I am no expert at webmastery or the english language although that may be good for most of us who are simple people looking to get ahead in life but just haven't been born rich or haven't found that lucky break.
I can't promise you'll get rich from sitting on your ass but I will promise you this!!If you follow the same course as me your chance of failure will be less and you WILL make an honest dollar for a few hours a week and most probably more than your average 9-5er.Maybe even have some fun doing it

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If you wanna gamble or bet.

There are heaps of places here on my site you can gamble at just about any game and if you want to lose your money you will if you don't have at least a plan or stradegy but at least give yourself an honest chance I DEFINATELY RECOMMEND that you have some type of system in place.
If not a system then at least a stop loss situation (this means you agree to a certain amount to win or lose and stop at that NO EXCEPTIONS!)
This site is designed to try and MAKE! money from the casino and with a little common sense you can do it.E.G.
I used to use what is called the reverse double up.This is placing one chip at a time on a red or black,odd or even (roulette)and doubling when it wins,in this way you are actually reversing the roles and being the banker but you still need a stop loss Have a look at my other site GAMBLERS DEN.if you really are interested in making good money at my new system.I've put it in plain and simple english and a straight forward language. You may find that one of them suits you and remember Start out slow,don't get caught up in the rush..And good luck..

You MUST at all times stick to the rules and guidelines of my system.If you don't or can't do this it is a waste of your time and you'll fail and give my system a bad name..
Dazzling dozens.My newest system I have been trialling for 2 years and using with reall money now for 6 months is a real winner and best of all its free for anybody to download a the Gamblers Den

Give yourself an even chance.

Take my advice and don' go into our casino with your eyes closed at least give yourself an even chance.Either try the roulette system I use or one of the others you'll find by clicking on this text..